In the late summer and early autumn, eat Su Sanbao, drink medicine three teas, do one thing, fall sick in autumn and winter


In the late summer and early autumn, eat “Su Sanbao”, drink “medicine three teas”, do one thing, fall sick in autumn and winter

In the late summer and early autumn, the summer is cool, it is the key time for health!

At the end of summer and early autumn, it is the best time to run dry and dry, and at the end of summer and autumn, it is also a good time to “snap the autumn”, and in the late summer and early autumn, it is also the “secret old disease”, the key time to protect the yang, at this timeTo do a good job of nutrition, you can be healthy for the fall and winter, lay a good foundation, less sick, and healthier.

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In the late summer and early autumn, eating 鈥淪ui Sanbao鈥?and preparing for the tonic. In ancient times, people experienced the 鈥渂itter summer鈥?after experiencing high temperature and damp heat and loss of appetite, and when they were in the autumn, they were 鈥渟elling with meat鈥?and busy harvesting for autumn.Put down the body foundation.

Modern people, living standards improve, most people are over-nutrition, and in the late summer and early autumn, it is not recommended to blindly “post the autumn.”

At this point, you should first adjust the spleen and stomach, then tonic, you can do more with less!

In the late summer and early autumn, you may wish to eat more 鈥淪ui Sanbao鈥? The first treasure: sweet potato 鈥淐ompendium of Materia Medica鈥?records that sweet potato has the effect of 鈥渞eplenishing deficiency, benefiting vitality, strengthening spleen and stomach, strengthening kidney yin鈥? and can supplement the body and warmStomach, five internal organs and so on.

Therefore, in the late summer and early autumn, you may wish to eat some sweet potatoes, which is healthier.

In sweet potato, vitamin A, B, C, E and potassium, iron, copper, selenium, calcium, etc., rich in vitamins, more than 10 kinds of trace elements, high nutritional value.

In addition, sweet potato contains a large amount of dietary fiber, which can stimulate a series, enhance peristalsis, laxative, and can prevent constipation caused by autumn dryness.

Moreover, eating sweet potatoes often can maintain the elasticity of blood vessels, prevent atherosclerosis, and have a certain protective effect on the cardiovascular system.

Sweet potato, can be roasted, can be used as porridge, drink some porridge in the late summer and early autumn, help to strengthen the spleen and stomach, good for health, may wish to use sweet potatoes for porridge.

Sweet potato porridge material: fresh sweet potato, previous rice practice: 1, sweet potato washed, peeled, cut hob, spare; 2, rice washed, put into the pot, add water; 3, into the diced sweet potato, boil over high heatAfter the opening, turn to a small fire, about 1 hour.

The second treasure: Shantou Chinese medicine believes that Shantou, sex, sweet, spicy, intestines, stomach meridian, with Yiweishengjin, wide bowel laxative, Huayu Sanjie, Buzhong Yiqi and other effects, very suitableCome to eat at the end of summer and autumn.

Often eat steamed bread, can make up the liver and kidney, add refined marrow, stomach and middle, especially convenient, spleen and stomach weakness, suffering from diseases, as well as the elderly who are sick and sick, is the best for the elderly.

The starch granules of Shantou are small and the digestibility can reach over 98%.

Taro is rich in mucus saponin, which can form a protective film on the stomach wall of the intestinal wall, lubricate the intermediate, and laxative.

The taro also contains a mucin protein that, when absorbed by the body, produces immunoglobulins that increase the body’s resistance.

Taro, also residual minerals, in which the content of fluorine is high, with teeth cleaning and anti-mite, to protect the teeth.

Therefore, when you are in the late summer and early autumn, you can eat some steamed buns.

Taro ribs 鐓?material: small ribs, taro, garlic 2 petals, 1 tbsp wine, soy sauce, salt, sugar, pepper powder.

Practice: 1, wash the small ribs, mix in the seasoning 1 marinate for 10 minutes, then fry with hot to remove the color.

2, taro peeled, cut into small pieces, add hot oil and fry over.

3, fry the garlic cloves with 2 tablespoons oil, add small ribs, add seasoning 2 and 2 cups of water to boil, and cook for 20 minutes.

4, cook the pot under the pot for about 20 minutes, until it is soft and the soup is slightly dry, it can be served.

The third treasure: lotus root “Hollywood one treasure, autumn 钘?most complement”!

In the autumn season, fresh oysters are listed, and more white lotus roots can be eaten. They can penetrate the nourishing yin and clearing heat, moisturizing and quenching thirst, and clearing the heart and calming the nerves.

Raw glutinous, sweet, cold, heart, spleen, stomach, with heat and fluid, spleen appetizer, antidiarrheal effect.

Cooked and warm, beneficial stomach and spleen, nourishing blood and qi, soothe the nerves and brain, prolong life.

For the elderly, 钘?is a good ingredient to nourish the spleen and stomach.

In the late summer and early autumn, eating lotus root is a very good choice.

Fried lotus root ingredients: lotus root 500 grams, oil 3ml, salt 3 grams, 10 grams of scallions practices: 1, lotus root wash to pedicle, subsection, peeled washed, sliced; 2, hot pot, pour oil, putLotus root tablets, add appropriate amount of water, stir fry; 3, put salt, onions, stir-fry.

In the late summer and early autumn, drink “medicine three teas” to fight against autumn dryness, and healthier “Liuqiu is like poisoning.” When Li Qiu arrives, the climate is cool sooner or later, but only the “autumn tiger” is raging.

At the end of summer and early autumn, wet, hot, dry and heavy, at this time, drink some herbal tea, is a good choice!

Li Shizhen has recorded in the “Compendium of Materia Medica”: “All kinds of medicines are medicines for various diseases, and tea is a medicine for all diseases.

“Medicine tea, the perfect combination of medicine and tea, can prevent disease, can taste tea, drink often can be criticized, strong body sputum, peace of mind, throat, bowel, weight loss, longevity.

In the late summer and early autumn, you may wish to drink “medicine three teas” to fight autumn dryness and be healthier.1, dandelion tea dandelion, is a small plant of “medicine and food”, in the late summer and early autumn, dandelion has grown up, the medical value is higher.

At this time, use dandelion, stir-fry into tea, soak in water, if it is spleen and stomach deficiency, you can use black tea fermentation process to make dandelion black tea, which can greatly reduce coldness, more convenient for autumn and winter season placement, late summer and early autumn,Using dandelion to soak water, you can go to fire and inflammation, because dandelion is known as “natural antibiotics”, it is effective against all kinds of chronic inflammation, and it can fight against the inflammation in the late summer and early autumn.

Dandelion into the liver, stomach two, good at liver discharge, improve liver detoxification ability, protect liver health, clear stomach heat, eliminate gastritis, relieve stomach cramps, also inhibit Helicobacter pylori.

Therefore, it is a good choice to use dandelion to soak in water. Let’s have a cup.

Production method: 1, dig the big leaf dandelion, take the leaves to the root (root fried separately), the leaves are washed.

2, wash the leaves, drain the water, cut into sections, pay attention, do not cut too short, can be a little longer.

3, in the fire into the pot, after ten minutes of frying, if there is more water, you can pour off the water, then turn to the minimum fire, fry for an hour or so, pay attention, diligently stir fry, do not fry, stir the tea incense.
4, take 2-5g each time, hot water brewing, wait 3-5 minutes, you can always!

Two: Longxue tea dragon must, is corn must, used it to boil water, known as “Dragon Flower Tea.”

Dragon must, sweet, flat, both into the yin and yang stomach, but also kidney, liver, gallbladder.

It can dilute the water and clear the liver and gallbladder.

Now pharmacological studies have confirmed that corn must have the effects of lowering blood sugar, fighting cancer, inhibiting bacteria, enhancing immune function, diuresis, and lowering blood pressure.

Therefore, in the late summer and early autumn, it is only a bubble, and it is also a good choice.

Production method: 1, pick the corn mustard wrapped in glutinous rice leaves, wash, cut into sections; 2, under the sun, directly dry (or, hot pot drying); 3, each time take dried corn must, boil water(or soaking water).

Three: Yuzhu tea Yuzhu, is a small plant of “medicine and food”, “Shen Nong’s Herbal Classic” and “Compendium of Materia Medica” are listed as top grade.

The beneficial effect of Polygonatum odoratum can be combined with ginseng and Huang Di scored Yuzhu. It has the effect of 鈥渞einforcing the five internal organs, nourishing qi and blood, leveling and moistening, and removing wind and heat鈥?

Polygonatum, sweet and sour, soft and moist, is a good medicine to nourish yin and fluid.

Moreover, the vitamin A contained in Polygonatum has a good effect on improving dry and rough skin conditions.

Modern medical research has also shown that Polygonatum has the functions of protecting the heart, blood vessels, cleaning up the body and delaying aging.

Therefore, at the end of summer and early autumn, soaking a cup of Yuzhu tea can be a good fight against autumn dryness and nourishing yin.

Production method: 1, digging fresh rhizome rhizome, wash it, wash it several times to avoid residual sediment, affecting the taste; 2, cut the whiskers on the rhizome of the polygonatum, leaving only the rhizome;The cut Yuzhu root is cooked until cooked; 4, steamed Yuzhu root, air drying to semi-dry; 5, the semi-dried polygonatum rhizome, cut into small sections, and then dried and fried into tea, you can.

6, take 2-5g daily, hot water brewing on behalf of the tea can be repeated 2-3 times.

In the late summer and early autumn, do one thing, less sick, healthier that is – prevent fire!

At the end of summer and early autumn, it is often easy to appear, red eyes and swelling, pain or sore throat, swollen gums, mouth ulcer pain and tongue smashing pain and other “fire” symptoms.

At the beginning of autumn, it is the sky, the fragrance of the grain, the harvest season of the fruit, and the climate begins to dry. Therefore, the body should be rich in water and vitamins to prevent the fire.

In the late summer and early autumn, to prevent getting angry, you should do this: 1. Drink plenty of water to prevent getting angry, or if you have already got angry, you should drink more water to promote the body’s “pyrogenic substances”, from the urine or sweating.Routes are excluded from the body.

With boiled water, light tea is better, you can also brew honey water, light salt water and other fermentation, to develop the habit of actively drinking water, and to drink slowly.

2, keep indoor air humid indoor environment is dry, it will lead to water loss, consumption of body fluid, causing fire, you can put a humidifier indoors, or put a basin of water, increase air humidity, improve dry mouth, dry nose, etc.Fire symptoms.

3, eat spicy spicy food to eat some spicy, fried, greasy food, it is very easy to get angry, after the situation of the fire, it is necessary to avoid the mouth, these can not touch.

The diet should be light, if the mouth is soaked by the fire, you can drink porridge or soup instead of rice.

4, do not stay up late, rest more and stay up late, it will lead to fire, and even increase the situation of the fire, so be sure not to stay up all night, pay attention to rest, to ensure sleep.

5, fruit hydrating pears, grapes, pomegranates, persimmons, sugar cane, citrus, oranges, etc., can increase the moisture of the fruit, you can eat more, help prevent the fire.

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