Impotence Kidney Diet Big Broadcast

Impotence Kidney Diet “Big Broadcast”

There is an ancient formula in China called “Baojisan”, which can cure “men’s five labors and seven injuries, impotence (ie impotence) can’t afford to do anything.
According to legend, there was a Shu county priest Lu Jing, 70 years old, after serving the bald chicken scattered, he also gave birth to three sons.
Once Madame Taishou poured the medicine in the courtyard and the rooster ate it, that is, he caught up with the hens and pecked the hens’ crowns to make the hens bald, hence the name “bald chicken scattered”.
It turns out that the bald chicken powder contains kidney and aphrodisiac drugs, such as Cistanche, Cuscuta, Snake Bed Seeds, Schisandra, Polygala, etc., which are good medicines to improve sexual desire and treat impotence.
  Although this story is exaggerated, our ancestors did leave many precious prescriptions for future generations.
The combination of these prescriptions and diet therapy can be described as a good combination of gourmet treatment.
  Steamed Shrimp Boy Chicken
Take 30 grams of shrimp, add onion, ginger, cooking wine, salt, and stuff into the chicken belly.
Steamed in baskets and ready to serve.
  Several sparrows, sparrows, fennel, star anise, soy sauce, salt, pepper, moderate amount of cooking wine, water, boil on high heat, simmer on low heat, add sugar, then harvest juice on high fire.
Take 3 to 5 daily.
  250 grams of mutton and mutton with garlic, boiled, 15 grams of garlic, mashed.
Then add garlic, salt, spicy soy sauce and cooked oil to the appropriate amount, mix well with the lamb, and serve.
Can impotence rise.
  Sea cucumber and mutton soup: 250 grams of sea cucumber and 250 grams of lamb. After washing, add leeches and sauté the crisps. Add ginger and salt and simmer for a while.
2 times a week.
  A bullwhip and wolfberry in a pot, a wolfberry, 30 grams of wolfberry, add ginger, salt, cooking wine to boil.
Bullwhip and wolfberry are edible.
Have the effect of nourishing kidney and warming yang.
  Leek stir-fried shredded sturgeon 250g, chives 250g, stir-fry in oil over high heat, add salt, and cook wine over low heat.
Tonic is very thick, can improve sexual desire, heal impotence.
  A pair of toads, a pair of toads and a hippocampus, and a pair of hippocampus, 1000 grams of white wine (50 degrees), soak in a closed container for 15 days and drink.
10g each morning and evening.