How do women’s ethnic dark yellow do three ways to make you shine?


How do women’s ethnic dark yellow do three ways to make you shine?

The skin is dehydrated and dry, it is prone to scaling, peeling, and insufficient moisture absorption.

If the skin is dehydrated and the water content is insufficient for a long time, it will make the skin look dull and dull, and long-term lack of water will also cause fine lines and dry lines.

Battle strategy: Strengthen moisturizing and maintenance, use multiple moisturizing skin care products to thoroughly improve dryness.

Tips: Apply a moisturizing mask once a day to the moisturizing mask once a day. On the fifth day, the moisture content of the skin should become moisturized.

Of course, a good moisturizing mask is very important.

Sun exposure UV is the enemy of skin aging. Photoaging caused by ultraviolet radiation is the most important factor in skin aging. It is often exposed to sunlight, and without sun protection measures, it will lead to dull appearance.

If you still don’t strengthen your maintenance, problems such as spots, wrinkles, and sagging skin will follow.

Battle strategy: regardless of the weather, do a good job of sun protection every day, against light aging, use appropriate whitening products.

Tips: Lemon face can use only lemon to help you restore the “flat white” of the eye, but remember to put the lemon in the water for a while before applying, then cover the gauze and wait for 5 minutes.

Skeletal hypoxic skin color is actually not black, or because the blood contains insufficient oxygen or anemia, the skin tone looks yellowish, dark or bloodless.

The cause of this poor skin tone may come from malnutrition, partial eclipse, due to the lack of nutrients required by the body for hematopoiesis such as iron, vitamin A, vitamin B, etc., or insufficient oxygen in the blood, making the blood color darker, affecting the racePresentation.

Battle strategy: Balanced nutrient intake (supplemental nutrients), proper aerobic exercise, combined with the use of cells can promote the activity of cell cycle and whitening skin care products, to replant dark subsidence.

Tips: At least one day a week without makeup, makeup will prevent skin pores from breathing anyway, making the skin more prone to water shortage and rough, so it is best to take a day every week to make a “normal” person, paint lipstickDraw your eyebrows and decorate it.