Eat more alkaline rice spring day health stomach ingredients recommended


Eat more alkaline rice spring day health stomach ingredients recommended

The spring digestive system is the most prone to problems, especially in the past few days, in order to clear the three-day holiday, everyone must be working day and night to get the job done.

Work stress and frequent food overtime, it is easy to have gastrointestinal problems, even stomach inflammation.

If you want to prevent gastrointestinal problems, you should pay attention to the following aspects.

銆€銆€Corn and French fries should eat less corn, chips, pumpkins, green peppers, cucumbers, onions, sweets, beans and soy products, etc., which may cause swelling gas, some of which may make it difficult for the stomach to be digested, or feel uncomfortable.Therefore, it is forbidden to eat in large quantities at the time of eating.

In food cooking, you can choose more steaming methods.

銆€銆€Eat more coarse rice to increase the intake of supplemental fiber, vegetables, fruits, coarse rice, oatmeal are good sources of fiber.

For those with thin or ulcerated digestive tract mucosa, it is best to choose staple foods or vegetables with fine fiber and high dietary fiber.

At the same time, you should also eat more stomach foods, such as eating more cheese (lactose-tolerant people can drink), burdock, papaya, fungus and so on.

銆€銆€Avoid foods that are too cold or too irritating to stimulate stomach acid secretion, such as soda, strong tea, coffee, spicy or too hot and greasy food.

At the same time, it is necessary to eat regularly. The food intake is based on the principle of 8 minutes. Chew slowly and do not drink plenty of water or soup before or after meals.

You don’t want to lie down or sit for a long time, especially if you want to quit smoking after dinner.