30-year-old beauty talks about my diet tips


30-year-old beauty talks about my diet tips

Many women who are hungry for perfection in the workplace can even take time to do beauty, buy clothes, and even take health supplements, but often listen to their diet and exercise, and rarely give themselves access to nature.

I am 30 years old and have maintained a good face and a stature figure. I have always believed that nature has magical physical and health strengths, and these benefits exist in natural foods, sunlight, fresh air and forest grasses, far from health care products andBeauty products can be completely replaced.

Here are my diet tips.

銆€銆€Eat more antioxidants, anti-aging skin, my diet tips: a pound of food a day, the main food “white plus black” natural foods in vitamin E, lycopene, flavonoids and other antioxidants, to maintain the skin’s youthIt is important and has a health-care effect of preventing cancer and preventing cardiovascular diseases.

I eat a pound of green leafy vegetables every day, at least one dark green leafy dish, usually in the amount of about 200 grams.

In addition, other vegetables and fruits containing carotene, lycopene and polyphenols are also often eaten.

銆€銆€When blending staple foods, I like to mix porridge or rice with dark ingredients and white rice, such as purple rice, black sesame seeds, red peanuts, black beans, red beans, etc. They are even rich in vitamin E, and there are quite a lot of them.Polyphenolic health ingredients.

銆€銆€Excessive calcium makes the body look more straightforward. My diet is half a catty of milk or yogurt. Women are more susceptible to osteoporosis than men. Milk, yogurt and cheese, gypsum tofu, sesame sauce, and green leafy vegetables are all eaten.A good source of calcium.

銆€銆€Milk is not only rich in calcium, but also has a high absorption rate, especially yogurt is most beneficial for preventing aging.

For many years, I have been drinking half a catty of milk a day, or half a catty of yogurt.

Half a catty of milk can achieve important nutritional effects without causing problems with excess protein or increased risk of chronic diseases.

銆€銆€A sufficient amount of dietary fiber to reduce the weight of my diet: often eat “rough bean”, eat less fine food insoluble fiber can promote peristalsis, prevent constipation, soluble fiber can combine with trace and plasma, reduce diabetes, high blood fat, mild liverDangerous.

銆€銆€Pay attention to eating more vegetables and fruits, although you can get enough fiber, and often eat coarse grains, beans and potatoes, reduce the polished rice noodles, get more fiber.

When I was eating at home, I used whole wheat steamed buns, miscellaneous grains, bean porridge, rice, rice, and buckwheat noodles as the main food. The white rice was eaten occasionally.

銆€銆€Balance the protein to help the body vomit the new my diet tips: no fish and eggs, protein intake and heavy balance to absorb the right amount of protein, to ensure the repair of body tissue, but will not bring the burden and waste.

Every tissue of the human body: hair, skin, muscles, bones, internal organs, brain, blood, nerves, endocrine, etc. are all composed of proteins.

If I don’t have fish in my diet, I will eat soy products and beans, and eat one more egg instead.

However, excess protein will promote aging, so after some meal fish is overdose, I will eat light food in the next meal, eat less or not eat fish the next day, as a balance.

銆€銆€To “natural” do not “process” my diet tips: “junk food” can not see, “healthy snacks” only try to choose natural foods, eat less highly processed foods.

The health value of fresh natural foods is always better than after high processing.

I can hardly see cookies, sweet drinks, sweets, snacks, chocolates, puffed foods, etc. in my home. Snacks are only fruits, nuts and yogurt.

No matter how busy I am, I will always give myself at least one meal, using fresh materials and light cooking methods.

Such a habit can not only help control weight, but also avoid premature aging.

銆€銆€Residual vitamins for the body to pay attention to my diet tips: normal diet is not partial eclipse, vitamin absorption and full vitamin C is an essential factor for skin collagen synthesis, vitamin A is a key factor in the normal differentiation of epidermal cells, and vitamin B family in metabolismIt plays a regulatory role.

Recently, vitamin K has been found to prevent osteoporosis, and vitamin D helps prevent obesity.

I never eclipse, eat coarse grains and beans almost every day, can increase too much B vitamins and vitamin E; do not use sunscreen every day, you can get more vitamin D when you go out; eat one egg a day and half a catty of milk, you can getExcessive vitamin A and vitamin D; some pounds of vegetables and half a catty of fresh fruit, vitamin C and vitamin K can also be basically satisfied.

銆€銆€Red and radiant, iron and zinc, my diet tips: leeks three or four times a week, a small amount of nuts in the morning, youthful skin needs adequate oxygen and nutrient supply, while iron in hemoglobin is fatal to transport oxygen, if anemia occurs, thenThe skin is dry and lacks elasticity.

Zinc is necessary for cell regeneration and repair nutrients, lack of zinc slows down the skin cell renewal.

I don’t eat lean meat and fish every day, probably eat 3 per week?
4 times.

But I will pay attention to the use of soy products and egg substitutes when not eating meat, while eating a small amount of nuts every morning, such as pecan kernels, almonds and hazelnuts.

A small amount of nuts can improve the nutritional supplements and eat at breakfast, which does not make you fat.

銆€銆€Phytoestrogens delay menopause My diet tips: Soy foods are often eaten, and new pattern soybeans and soy foods are the best source of phytoestrogens every day. Soy isoflavones can prevent menopausal syndrome and improve skin.Water retention and elasticity.

Among the soy foods, the whole food made from whole beans is the best, such as whole soybeans, soy flour, soy milk, natto, soybean meal, etc., because the soybean isoflavones are basically not lost, and the fermentation is reduced as much as possible.

I often eat soy food in a variety of forms. Sometimes I drink a bowl of soy milk in the morning, sometimes with soy beans, black beans to increase rice to cook porridge, sometimes tofu, sometimes with tofu instead of meat for cooking, and sometimes a small box of natto, add someAfter soy sauce and vinegar, its taste is not difficult to accept.