Four seasons health – summer health (1)


Four seasons health – summer health (1)

The hot summer is the season when the body consumes the most.

Living and working in a high temperature environment, the physiological and nutrient metabolism of the human body will inevitably be affected.

People must know the summer body care.

The way to maintain health in summer – Yang Xin Gu people will see the “heart” in summer is particularly important.

In the body, summer “strong fire and gas”, easy to consume heart yang; metabolism, hot people are easy to sweat, and Chinese medicine has always been sweating as “heart liquid”, excessive sweating naturally consumes heart yin.
It is said that many years of clinical experience, heart yin and yang damage, is indeed an important cause of multiple heart disease in summer.

More importantly, the heart is still the “house of the spirit”, which dominates the human emotions and thinking activities, and the heart is prone to irritability, restlessness and affecting sleep.

Xia Yang “heart” to be jealous: night fire early wet – should be a little late than spring, sleep early; combined with the characteristics of summer white long, at noon conditional try to take a nap, raise the heart yang, help relieve fatigue; activities:Insatiable in the day – morning and evening wind, the air is relatively better, the time of outdoor activities can be extended a little, should not be put into the air-conditioned room early, do not sweat, long and cold too strong and hurt the body; but the hot weather in the afternoon, easy heatstrokeTry to reduce the activity time in the hot sun for too long or the sun in the hot sun; mentality: quit anger and anger – fire and summer sad, people’s mood swings, to quit anger, calm and natural cool.

With peace of mind, no depression, no anger, full of energy into the life and work; diet: clear fire and dampness – summer people are generally prone to sweat, the consumption of heart yin, from the perspective of modern medicineExcessive sweating can easily cause resonance disorder. You can drink some light salt water or sugar water to solve the “body thirst”. In summer, the rain is relatively heavy, and the humidity is also heavier. Therefore, you must clear the fire and damp in time. You can drink some herbal tea properly.Clear heart fire, urinate, take away the body heat.

Summer essential “three treasures” – psyllium, bamboo leaves, white thorn roots connected to the heat and diuretic, clear heart and trouble, and the price is low, easy to take, fast and safe, can be described as suitable for both young and old.

The following practices can be referred to: 鈼?Baimaogen winter melon mung bean soup: practice: melon, mung bean, the right amount, 30 grams of Rhizoma Imperatae effect: refreshing thirst, clear heart diuretic.

Suitable for heatstroke prevention and cooling.

鈼?Bamboo leaf tea: Practice: Some fresh bamboo leaves, preferably the young leaves of bamboo leaves, soaking water on behalf of tea effect: clearing heat and diuretic, clear heart and trouble.

Suitable for heart fire, upset, urinary red pain.

鈼?Rhizoma Imperata sugar candy tea: Practice: Rhizoma Imperatae, a small amount of crystal sugar, soaked in water on behalf of the tea effect: clear heart and trouble, diuretic and nourishing Yin, suitable for upset thirst, less urine red urine.

鈼哖opago tea: practice: a plantain grass, washed, soaked in water on behalf of the tea effect: heat diuretic, suitable for urinary yellow urine, urinary pain, urgency, summer health 1, staple food and beans mung bean, redBeans, millet and other staple foods can be used, appropriate to eat coarse grains and soy products.

2, meat and eggs, pigs, meat, beef, fish, chicken, duck, animal liver, milk and dairy products, salted duck eggs, salted eggs, pine eggs, egg yolk and other eggs.

3, vegetable bitter gourd, loofah, pumpkin, spinach, malan head, tomato, garlic, eggplant, sorghum, green bean sprouts, cucumber, melon, melon, mushrooms, seaweed, kelp and so on.

4, fruit citrus, grapes, strawberries, watermelon, pear, melon, peach, bayberry, ebony, plum, red dates and so on.

Everyone knows that summer vegetables are healthy, and they also help to treat and prevent some diseases.

So, what are the vegetables suitable for health in the seasonal vegetables?

Prevention of heat stroke: the practice of eucalyptus tea: use the appropriate amount of fresh cilantro, remove the fluff on the eucalyptus leaves, wash with water, chopped, and dried.

Drink with tea in advance with boiling water.

Efficacy: The loquat leaves contain amygdalin, which is beneficial to diuresis and alleviate the symptoms of bitter summer, eliminate fatigue and increase appetite.

Also contains vitamin B1, B2.

Strong kidney plants: Okra should say the effect of vegetables, and now the most famous is the number of okra.

It has yellow flowers, the fruit is a bit like pepper, fried with oil, especially scrambled eggs, very delicious.

This kind of vegetable is not very common, but its reputation has recently risen.


According to the research of scientists, the effect of Okra is strong in kidneys and is unusual in vegetables.

Prevention of colds: Lettuce and cauliflower flowers contain more vitamin C than Chinese cabbage and soybean sprouts?
4 times, 2 times higher than citrus.

Traditional Chinese medicine has always said that “white into the lungs”, white cauliflower is a timely health care vegetable, not only can prevent respiratory diseases such as colds, but also a very good vascular scavenger.

The high iodine content in lettuce is beneficial to the basal metabolism and physical development of the human body.

The nutrition of lettuce leaves is much higher than that of lettuce stems. People who are prone to cough in autumn eat more lettuce leaves and can cough.

The skin does not grow acne: lettuce and bitter gourd lettuce supplement vitamins, trace elements, overlap is the leader in vegetables, eat more to help the skin hydration, also has a certain auxiliary effect on hemorrhoids caused by poor function.
Bitter gourd is rich in crude fiber, vitamin C, calcium, iron and other nutrients. It contains anti-cancer active protein, which not only increases the activity of immune cells, but also removes toxins from the body and helps detoxification.

Avoid indigestion: Amaranth and coriander leeks replace carotene, protein, sulfide and replace crude fiber.
Edible leek can be used to guide the stagnation of the spleen and promote appetite.
Coriander has a unique aroma that stimulates appetite and enhances digestion.

Chinese medicine believes that parsley has the effect of warming the stomach and stomach. Properly eating parsley can alleviate stomach pain and indigestion.

Prevent getting angry: The rich riboflavin in spinach and tomato spinach is an important nutrient for preventing mouth ulcers, cheilitis, glossitis and dermatitis.

Tomato has the functions of clearing away heat and detoxifying, producing thirst and quenching thirst. It is used for treating dry mouth, loss of appetite, bitter stomach, bleeding gums, mouth sores, bitterness and so on.

Dietary taboos 1. In the summer, you must eat less hot foods such as lamb and dog meat.

2, avoid eating cold drinks because of greed.

If it is excessive, it will cause disease, making people bloating uncomfortable, resulting in abdominal pain and diarrhea.

3, avoid overeating in the summer.

4, do not hydrate a lot, drinking a lot of water will no longer dilute the gastric juice, affecting the digestive function, will lead to a large loss of water and salt in the body.

Learning of drinking water, drinking a drink is not a substitute for drinking water.

Because most beverages contain a certain amount of sugar, the sugar in the beverage exceeds, the osmotic pressure also changes, the more difficult it is to absorb the cells, but it will take away the water inside the cells, which will easily cause the body to lose water.

In addition, quenching thirst with cold drinks is often difficult to achieve, leading to continuous binge eating, a strong cold stimulus to the digestive tract, which can cause abnormal peristalsis and dysfunction of the digestive tract, leading to abdominal pain and diarrhea.

2, drinking water, when you are thirsty, too many people’s living habits are to decide whether to drink water by thirst or not. In fact, this is unscientific.

Because thirst indicates that the body’s water has lost its balance, the cells begin to dehydrate, and then it is too late to drink water.

3, big thirst is easy to drink: If people are thirsty, it is most likely to drink too much water at a time, so that the stomach is difficult to adapt, causing adverse consequences.

The ancients claimed that “do not want to drink and drink too much,” but it is a scientific method to prevent thirst from drinking.

If you are in a situation of thirst, you should drink slowly to avoid physical damage.

4, it is not advisable to drink more water before going to bed, because when the person is in sleep state, the human body only maintains the basic metabolism, all kinds of metabolism are very slow, do not need too much water, and too much drinking water before going to bed, is not conducive to rest at night.

5, it is not advisable to drink water for the time being, because drinking water during meals will dilute the digestive juice, which is not conducive to the digestion and absorption of food, and it is not good for the body in the long run.

6, drinking water in the morning helps health: because morning drinking water can supplement the water consumed overnight, reduce blood concentration, promote blood circulation, and maintain normal levels of body fluids.

7, it is best to drink mineral water: because mineral water excludes sugar water, no stimulating effect, unlike some beverages that are irritating, and not like fruit juices are rich in sugar.

In some conclusions, people regard mineral water as the best health drink.

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