[How to make spinach flower rolls]_Spinach_Making flower rolls_How to make

[How to make spinach flower rolls]_Spinach_Making flower rolls_How to make

Everyone knows that when many people are making some pasta, they will add some vegetable juice in it, so as to improve the nutritional value of the pasta and make the appearance of the pasta more attractive. Many people prefer to eatSpinach flower rolls, because the color of spinach is very bright, and the resulting flower rolls look better, so how to make the spinach flower rolls well?

Natural Yeast Production: Green Plum Natural Yeast, Grape Natural Yeast, Rice Koji Natural Yeast Ingredients: Milk Dough: Medium Gluten Flour 150, Workshop Type 50g, Grape Natural Yeast Original Type 10g, Fresh Milk 80g, Granulated Sugar 10g, Salt 1 / 4t Spinach Dough:150g of flour, 50g of plant seeds, 10g of grape natural yeast, 10g of spinach puree, 10g of sugar, 1 / 4t of salt (about 50g of spinach, 50g of water, put in a blender) Method: 1) Separate twoMix the materials well and knead into a smooth dough that is not sticky. 2) Round the dough and ferment it to twice the size. 3) After the fermentation is completed, roll into a large rectangular shape. The two crusts are folded up and divided into 1cm long strips.Serve in a single section and ferment in the steamer to double the size. 4) Steam over medium heat for about 18 minutes. (Do not open the lid immediately after the time has expired. Open the lid of the pot and slowly open it again for a few minutes to prevent your head.Cold wrinkled skin) Ingredients for spinach flower rolls Green dough Ordinary flour 100 g spinach juice 55 g sugar 5 g yeast 1.

5 grams of white dough, ordinary flour, 100 grams of milk powder, 8 grams of water, 55 grams of yeast 1.

5 grams of sugar and 5 grams of spinach flower rolls How to save to mobile phone Step 1 Knead the two doughs into smooth and fine dough, cover with plastic wrap and let warm to the original mixture, about 50 minutes Step 2 fermented doughKnead with air, roll the two-color dough into 3 mm thick dough pieces, use a 9 cm diameter circular cutting die to cut out 5 pieces of circular dough pieces, cut 5 pieces from each half, take a white dough piece, and brush on the upper halfOil, then cover half of the green piece, brush with oil, and fold it from bottom to top. Use both hands to stretch the semi-circular dough slightly. Brush with oil on the left half. Step 3 Fold to the left and cut two knives with a sharp knife.The two-bladed anatomy) is extended and opened, the side of the side is facing down, and the contact surface is brushed with water and placed in the middle to form a flower roll embryo.

The other method is the same as step 4. Put the oiled steamer into the steamer, add 5 cm of water to the steamer, slowly heat on a small fire, proof the flower roll embryos for 15 to 20 minutes, and then steam on medium high heat for 10 minutes.Turn off the heat for 3 to 5 minutes.

(Do not open the cover during proofing time)