[Eating Chili Poop Spicy Asshole]_Efficacy_Cautions

[Eating Chili Poop Spicy Asshole]_Efficacy_Cautions

Pepper is a kind of food that many people like to eat. It has the effect of promoting appetite and has certain health effects. However, if you eat too much, or it has hemorrhoids itself, this will often cause anal irritation during defecation.Feeling, this will affect the health of the body, especially with hemorrhoids, or anal sinusitis, etc., and even a relatively strong pain, so when eating pepper, we must understand some taboos.

Cayenne taboo: 1 Patients with hemorrhoids should be cautious: make the pain of hemorrhoids worse, and even cause bleeding and other symptoms.


Patients with eye diseases such as red eye disease, keratitis, eat with caution: eating pepper will aggravate eye disease.


People with chronic cholecystitis should not eat: Capsicum has the effect of stimulating gastric acid secretion, which may cause gallbladder contraction and induce biliary colic.


Patients with poor gastrointestinal function eat with caution: cause complications in the body’s mucosa.


Maternal cautious eating within one week after giving birth: Eating chili will not only “get angry”, cause symptoms such as constipation, but also affect the baby and make the baby’s internal heat worse.

Has a variety of health effects: gastrointestinal, oral cavity: pepper can stimulate the oral cavity and rehabilitation, can enhance gastrointestinal motility, promote digestive juice secretion, improve appetite, and can inhibit abnormal fermentation in the intestine.

Because pepper can stimulate the release of prostaglandin E2 in the human body, it is beneficial to promote the regeneration of gastric mucosa, maintain the function of insulin cells, and implant into gastric ulcers.

Enhance appetite: When eating is not fragrant and the amount of food is reduced, put some peppers in the dish to improve appetite and increase the amount of food.

Treating colds: Drinking hot peppers and ginger to drink soup can also treat colds and colds. It is also good for people living in the area to prevent rheumatism and frostbite.

Fat burning: Chili contains an ingredient that can effectively burn trace amounts in the body and promote metabolism to achieve the effect of weight loss.

In the Japanese market, there are many kinds of pepper products suitable for women.

Promote blood circulation and lower blood sugar: Improve heart function and promote blood circulation.

In addition, regular consumption of pepper can reduce blood lipids, reduce thrombosis, and have a certain preventive effect on cardiovascular diseases.

Scientists in Jamaica have demonstrated through experiments that capsaicin can significantly reduce blood sugar levels.