[Certain things ca n’t be eaten]_Diet_Cautions

[Certain things ca n’t be eaten]_Diet_Cautions

Surgery is a very serious problem because after recovery, the body is very weak.

Allergic symptoms occur to many objects, especially animal hair or human perfumes, so people should pay special attention.

If there are patients with hypertension disease around, you should pay more attention and care.

Surgical patients should also pay attention to their diet structure, because some foods are inedible for surgical patients.

What about glycerin?

Foods that acute patients cannot eat include: 1. Oil crops such as peanuts, sesame, and cottonseed, which are mainly related to the large amount of protein in these foods, especially when eaten raw is more likely to induce allergic asthma.

However, studies have shown that processed foods rarely cause allergic symptoms.

In fact, these foods should not be eaten raw. They should be eaten after being fried, cooked or processed to reduce the incidence of allergic diseases.

2. Wheat and cereals rarely induce food allergic diseases, and the incidence of baker centers that are often in contact with the food is increased, also known as baker interference.

It may be because patients often come into contact with flour, especially with flour that has been stored for a long time.

Therefore, the flour is not easy to be stored for too long.

3, milk and dairy products, milk-induced allergic diseases in children is the highest.

Milk contains A and B lactalbumin and casein, among which A lactalbumin is the strongest allergen among all milk ingredients. Although this protein can be significantly weakened by heat treatment,However, it is still an implanted allergen for those with high milk allergies, which can cause a trigger impact.

Therefore, for infants and young children who need milk replacement, breast milk replacement should be actively supplemented to reduce the chance of allergic diseases caused by milk replacement.

4. Seafood and aquatic products, the allergens of these foods are usually heat-resistant, and cooked foods often induce allergic spasms, especially the incidence of allergic arthritis induced by eating fresh seafood.

Therefore, all kinds of seafood and aquatic products, such as fish, shrimp, crab, clams and shellfish, should be served for human consumption when fresh.