[How long can the spring bamboo shoots be cooked]_How to cook_How to cook

[How long can the spring bamboo shoots be cooked]_How to cook_How to cook

Many people like to eat spring bamboo shoots, basically because of its high nutritional value, and because it has a variety of methods, and how to make it delicious, but everyone should pay attention to be sure to eat cooked bamboo shoots, because spring bamboo shoots, if eaten rawIt is likely to cause food poisoning. People with severe stomach problems must not eat spring bamboo shoots, because spring bamboo shoots will cause more serious stomach problems. How long will it take to cook the bamboo shoots?

Many people know that beans must be cooked and eaten, otherwise it is easy to be poisoned, but when it comes to “toxicity”, spring bamboo shoots are much more powerful than beans.

Yun Wuxin, a Ph.D. in biology and food engineering from Purdue University in the United States, pointed out, “If all the cyanide in the spring bamboo shoots remains and releases hydrogen content, the highest per kilogram can release 8000 mg, and 100 mg can almost poison a person.
“Although this” if “does not hold, because it is difficult to completely release,” but it is scary to convert only part of it.

“So he reminded that the bamboo shoots must be fully cooked and eaten.

Moreover, it is not advisable to eat more fresh bamboo shoots, and it is best not to exceed half a root per person per meal.

Although bamboo shoots have high nutritional value, they contain crude fiber, which is difficult to digest after being consumed in large quantities, especially for those who have already caused diseases in the body.

Patients with urethral stones, kidney stones, severe gastric and duodenal ulcers, gastric bleeding, cirrhosis, esophageal varices, chronic enteritis, and weak spleen and stomach should not eat bamboo shoots.

How long can fresh bamboo shoots be stored: 1. Stove-cooking storage method: dig up the spring bamboo shoots, bury the shells and cook them in the fire (the pinch bamboo shoots are soft and hard).

Take it out when it is cooked, and place it in a cool, water-dropped place to drain it vertically. Remove the shell when eating, cut into thin slices, and rinse the bitterness with water.

Spring bamboo shoots can be stored in this way for 35-45 days.

2. Sand hiding method: Take a wooden bucket or carton, and spread the bottom with wet river sand 7-10 cm thick. Separate the intact spring bamboo shoots in the wooden bucket or carton with the pointed ends up, then fill the gap with river sandThen cover with a layer of 7-10 cm river sand, completely cover the top of the spring bamboo shoots, and then move to a cool and ventilated place, which can be stored for 30-50 days without deterioration.

3. Sealing method: take clean spring bamboo shoots to fill the altar or tank, and then cover with two plastic films and tie them tightly to prevent air from entering; or take airtight plastic bags and tighten the mouth of the spring bamboo shoots after packing, In a cool and ventilated place.

Preserving spring bamboo shoots in this way can be stored for 20-30 days.

4. Steaming method: Remove and wash the selected spring bamboo shoots, then cut the large spring bamboo shoots in half and cook them in a steaming rack or a clear water pot until they are mature. Take them out and put them in a bamboo basket for ventilation to keep them fresh.10-15 days.

This method is suitable for damaged spring bamboo shoots or for short periods.