Classical hot weight loss medicine real person experience


Classical hot weight loss medicine real person experience

The four women tried some of the more popular weight loss products on the market.

Can they really slim down?

銆€銆€A: Sibutramine class weight loss drug measured variety: Australian music light price: 252 yuan / 5mg * 60 tablets Tester: Yu Jie test period: 2007-12-1?
Before 2008-1-1: After weight 57kg: Weight 53 kg Day 1: Start the official Australian music light treatment this morning.

I don’t know if it is a psychological effect. I didn’t feel very good in the morning. I wanted to get angry in the office. It was much better when I got off work at night, and my body didn’t feel the same.

銆€銆€Day 2: The feeling of thirst is stronger. Today, I drank a double double layer in the usual water, and the appetite was normal for three meals.

銆€銆€Day 3: There was a headache, constipation.

It may be related to the dry weather, but I have paid attention to drinking water and plant fiber.

Internet and friends exchanged, it should be a normal drug reaction.

銆€銆€Day 4: After 4 consecutive days of diet pills and diet control, today, the weight indicator finally has a noticeable change, down to 56kg, a very happy pleasure!

銆€銆€Day 5: I finally had a bowel movement and I felt a lot better.

The appetite has also improved, and I have not felt the feeling of “satiating feeling after eating the Australian music light”.

銆€銆€Day 6: Although the change in the weight scale is very weak, I feel that the change in the face is quite obvious.

銆€銆€Day 7: The problem of constipation still exists, and new alternatives have emerged. In the last two days, I felt flustered while running, and there was slight insomnia.

I hope that my body will gradually adapt to it next week.

銆€銆€B: Orlistat diet pills measured varieties: Xenical price: 196 yuan / 12mg * 21 tablets tester: Aki test period: 2007-12-1?
Before 2008-1-1: After weight 65kg: Weight 61kg Day 1: Just eat for two hours, I feel stomach pain, and the pain of diarrhea is similar, alternately exhausting, so I have to go out and avoid in the officeawkward.

銆€銆€Day 2: bloating, the apparent intake of food decreased.

銆€銆€Day 3: Basically, I have been vegetarian for three days. I feel that my body is a little empty. I walked outside for a while and sweated.

銆€銆€Day 4: I didn’t live last night. I went to eat hot pot with my friends. Although I tried to pick up green vegetables and tofu, I still feel the feeling of 鈥渙il draining鈥?today. Fortunately, I have already prepared a sanitary cotton pad in the bag.

銆€銆€Day 5: I don’t know if it was caused by hot pot, or the reason for Xenical. Two sores were found in the corner of the mouth. Red, swollen, painful, and medically-skilled colleagues said that it was too hot.

銆€銆€Day 6: After four days of smooth mild diarrhea, today’s weight has created a new record of 63kg, losing 6 pounds in 6 days, very satisfactory results.

銆€銆€Day 7: The appetite has really diminished. The appetite for the greasy lunch at lunch is worse every day. Today, I only feel that I have eaten an apple.

銆€銆€C: Slimming tea measured variety: Besunyen price: 32 yuan / 1.

4g * 20 bags tester: Liu Wei test period: 2007-12-1?
Before 2008-1-1: After weighing 54kg: Weight 52.

5kg Day 1: Although it looks like the Lipton tea bag, it really tastes like Chinese medicine, and it has a strange taste.

When I drank today, I basically held my nose and kept me on my body!

Can drink it.

銆€銆€Day 2: The amount of drinking water increased, I feel that the skin is not as dry as before, it is a weight loss gift.

銆€銆€Day 3: Obviously not so hungry at lunch time, the food intake was reduced to only about 2/3 of the usual time, and there was no appetite during afternoon tea time.

銆€銆€Day 4: Basically, it can adapt to the taste of slimming tea, and the problem of constipation has also been greatly improved.

銆€銆€Day 5: Mild diarrhea, but not repeated, but the stomach was a little painful before diarrhea.

銆€銆€Day 6: Weight loss 0.

5kg, from the beginning to lose weight slimming tea to the present, I basically do not have time to exercise, so I am quite satisfied with this result.

銆€銆€Day 7: Very busy this morning, there was no time for tea. The stomach was very uncomfortable at lunch. It seems that I have to have a cup in the afternoon.

銆€銆€D weight loss effervescent tablets measured variety: EuEu one long one price: 230 yuan / 60 tablets test people: can test the heart: 2007-12-1?Before 2008-1-1: After weight 56kg: Weight 53kg Day 1: Although it looks like a fruit effervescent tablet, but it is not as delicious as you think, you can only say that in the acceptable part, a few mouthfulsDrinking it down, I am imaginatively waking up to be able to wake up tomorrow.

銆€銆€Day 2: I didn’t feel anything different, my appetite was still so good.

銆€銆€Day 3: When I got up in the morning, my stomach was a little inflated. I didn’t want to eat anything. I barely ate breakfast. I drank an effervescent tablet in the morning and skipped it for lunch.

銆€銆€Day 4: With the hope of standing on the scale, I found that the pointer fell as one as expected, and reduced by 1kg, very good!
銆€銆€Day 5: Under my driving, my good friends started to buy effervescent tablets. According to her, drinking the first cup immediately didn’t want to eat anything. It was too exaggerated!

銆€銆€Day 6: Yesterday evening, the company gathered, eat too much, went home without dare to weigh, and got up in the morning to weigh, fortunately, the weight has maintained a level of 55kg.

銆€銆€Day 7: Summarizing the experience of the week, with the price paid and the price and price of the price, I still recommend a leisurely one.

However, weight loss work has a long way to go, and it is important to persist.

銆€銆€Editor’s Note: Only moderate to severe obesity, that is, over 30% overweight, can be taken at the same time as diet and exercise therapy.

In addition, Xibu Qu Ming belongs to prescription diet pills, please consult your doctor before taking it.