My husband and mother-in-law asked my parents to go to the home for the elderly

My husband and mother-in-law asked my parents to go to the home for the elderly

My ex-husband and I are college classmates. Both are only children. His parents are teachers. My parents are public servants. Both parents have endowment insurance.

My ex-husband and I can be considered high-income groups, and my income is managed by me.

It wasn’t because I managed his property forcibly, it was just because I studied economics, stocks, and funds. I could play a little bit, and I did well.

  When I got married, I said, I want to buy three identical houses in this neighborhood, one for us, one for my parents, and one for your parents.

The down payment is all paid by us, and the costs are shared equally. You and I repay the loan together in our house. My parents and I pay it alone, and your parents and you pay it alone.

After all, we are only children, and we are closer to our parents, so we can take care of anything in the future.

  He went home to discuss with his parents and agreed with the idea, so he bought three identical houses at once.

Renovation costs were paid by both parents, and our wedding room was renovated by ourselves.

We usually have our own days. On the weekend, four old people come to our house for dinner. I cook, and he never goes out of the kitchen.

Sometimes, on Saturdays and Sundays, we go to the elderly of the two sides for a day. We all buy food and take it with me to cook.

On New Year’s Day, including March 8th Women’s Day, give her mother-in-law a bank card so that she can buy whatever she likes, and Father’s Day will also be given to her father-in-law.

Of course, my parents must be the same.

  Cause problems Every time I go abroad, I definitely bring back big bags of gifts, which are basically the same as those of my mother-in-law.

Father’s is the same as father’s.

And you must go to your parents-in-law’s house to send things back when you return home. This is taught by your parents. How can your parents handle it? Don’t let your parents-in-law say that you are partial to your parents.

But even with this “expenditure” problem, my ex-mother-in-law still expressed her dissatisfaction.

The cause of the problem was that she had a scarf with my mother. In the same neighborhood, the old ladies had a place to bask in the sun. After the New Year, by chance, the same scarf appeared in the same place for two people.

  My mother-in-law was upset, and asked me when I went to dinner with her on the weekend: “You gave me a scarf. Why does your mother have one?”

“I froze. Isn’t this normal? Mom is on both sides, one for each person, but I said on my mouth,” I saw the scarf at the time and thought it was definitely suitable for you, so I bought it and gave it to my momHesitated.

“She said,” Your mother is so lucky, she picked me up a cheap scarf.

“I was out of breath at that time. As a daughter, I used my own salary to buy a scarf for my mother. It was justified that you were cheap.

However, as a wife-in-law, there must always be eyebrows, so I smiled, made a mistake, and crossed the topic.

  At 6 am and 6 pm the big things started to surface slowly.

In the Chinese New Year, our rule is to spend the New Year’s Eve at the in-law’s house, and to return to the door at the maid’s house on the first day.

I went through my ex-husband’s relatives. After going home at night, I went to my parents’ house to meet my relatives. This move caused my mother-in-law’s dissatisfaction.

She said to me, “You are so destined. You can still see your relatives in the New Year, and my wife’s wives are guarding with my husband’s family. Don’t go anywhere, wait for someone, and go back to your own home?

“I should immediately reconcile:” Yeah, I am a good mother-in-law like you, and I know you well, and my relatives will praise you.

“Mother-in-law sneered, glanced at me, and left.

  This kind of traditional life trivia is endless. My mother-in-law hates to stick me on the floor of their house with 502 glue, so don’t go anywhere.

Later, it was developed that my mother-in-law began to replace “checking attendance”. As a married girl, the water I spilled must be six relatives who do n’t recognize and count the family without entering.Li: Never say a word to your mother-in-law, even if you call!

  Because of work, the phone must be turned on for 24 hours.

So, my mother-in-law would call my cell phone at 6 am on Saturday and Sunday morning and ask me to get up and accompany her to buy breakfast earlier.

Similarly, on Saturday and Sunday at 6pm, I called my cell phone and asked me to accompany her for a walk.

I have to say that I’m going crazy, I only have two days off a week, and she completely disrupted my life rhythm like this.

If I play outside, I tell her, “Mom, I’m outside, I’m eating, I can’t go back.”

“She will call me to wake up next morning on the mobile phone, and then say hello to me on the way to the morning market. You are going to take a walk with me tonight, I am waiting for you.

I could n’t stand this life for less than two months, so I asked my ex-husband to pick up the cell phone, but I was scolded by my mother-in-law: “How do you do my son’s wife?

Let him pick up the phone in the morning and keep him awake!”Finally, my clash with my mother-in-law broke out when she asked me to send my parents to a home for the elderly.

Probably she didn’t think I could break up the relationship between me and my parents, and she just sent it away far away, out of sight and upset.

One weekend, I went to the in-laws’ house with my ex-husband and was having a meal. My mother-in-law suddenly gave me a chopstick dish, and a layer of perspiration stood on my back. The intuition of the woman, something happened!

Sure enough, she smiled and said to me, “I think my in-law’s age is not too young. You’ve married to our family again, and you will definitely not be able to take care of them in the future. I thought about it, and so on.Let’s go there.

“I was stunned, and my brain was short-circuited for a while. Which one did this sing?

On the lips, I immediately changed the topic. Speaking of going abroad again, I asked my mother-in-law what she wanted to eat, when she was free to participate in a tour group to go abroad to play, and I paid for it as a tour guide or something.I had work unfinished and quickly withdrew from the line of fire . After I went home, I talked to my ex-husband about this issue and I said, “My parents raised me and raised them, and the effort they paid was no less than your parents raised youAt a glance, as the only child of them, I have the obligation to take care of them. I cannot send them to the home for the elderly. You convey this attitude to your mother. I don’t know it is more appropriate.

“At that time, he agreed to me, but when the mother-in-law mentioned the problem again, he didn’t talk and buried his head to eat.

I hinted that he had, unsuccessfully, I retreated again.

  So, the couple had their first quarrel.

I asked him: “What do you mean?

Why not do what you promised?

“He smoked for a long time.

Tell me, “Actually, sending your parents to a home for the elderly is not impossible.

My parents are old, and if something happens, they must be taken care of.

Four elderly people, how can we take care of them?

If your parents go to the home for the elderly, is it good to have someone take care of them?

“All of a sudden, my heart was cold.

Only his parents are parents, my parents are passers-by.

His parents need someone to take care of, my parents had to go to the home for the elderly . After another week, my mother-in-law mentioned it again.

  I smiled and said, “Have you inquired?

Is that home for the elderly really good?

Mother-in-law: “Of course, I’ll inquire.

“Then I will take you there. You are familiar with the environment and love that place so much.

The final result of the postscript was of course a divorce.

The house was sold. It was okay to keep up with the momentum of those years. It was a small profit.

I can finally return to the time I spent shopping with my mother before I got married.

  After half a year, I met another man at work, the same age as me, and I told my past marriage history completely.

He proposed that if we get married, he buys three houses, and the loans are paid by him, and I manage the money.


Putting on a wedding dress again, now there is a 5-month-old baby in the belly.

  Now that I’m raising my baby in peace, my parents-in-law come to this city. Four old people take care of me and a pregnant woman.

I go to bed every day except to eat, and I am seriously overweight.

My mother-in-law and my mother accompanied me to walk around. Overweight is not good for pregnant women.

The three talked and laughed.

  An old man said that there are boys and girls alike.

In the future, there will be so many only children, and so will the daughter.