Eight feelings of love


Eight feelings of love

When you fall in love with each other, there should be these eight emotions in order to be a true love. At the very least, you should ask yourself if it is possible to cultivate such emotions in the future to ensure that you have a true love.

  First, physical contact: When we are interested in a person of the opposite sex or fall in love with a certain opposite sex, we want to have physical contact with each other.

In true love life, this desire is always there.

Sexual impulses are not just sexual behaviors, they also include many other intimate physical contacts, such as holding hands, hugging, etc. This emotion will always be in the heart of a lover.

  Second, the beautiful feeling: When there is love, we will feel that the other person looks the best, even if there is another opposite sex looks better than the object you love, but for you, you will feel that he (she) is your eyeThe most pleasing people here, and others can not list.

This is what people call “beautiful beauty in the eyes of a lover.” Yu Quan’s song sang: “You are the most beautiful in my heart .”.

  Third, the feeling of intimacy: When you really fall in love with a person, you will have a very intimate feeling, he makes you feel comfortable, you can trust him and rely on him.

Sometimes it feels that he or she is another one or a part of his body. This is kind and a warm feeling, which makes you feel intimate.

Therefore, men and women in love often have a feeling of being one another.

  Fourth, the feeling of envy and respect: A healthy love relationship proves to feel proud of each other, and we will appreciate each other’s internal and external conditions and advantages.

And the other party is proud of us everywhere.

If we can feel this way, indeed, whether he succeeds or fails, it will make us appreciate his talent.

  Fifth, the retina love: When in love, we like to praise each other.

Especially the men and women in love, some almost embrace each other to do everything.

And sometimes it ‘s just appreciation, and we like to praise our other half. From the enthusiasm of the other side, we can be satisfied.

  Six, respected self-esteem: a healthy love relationship can improve a person’s self-esteem.

Make the pair feel more valuable to life, because love makes you feel that you are unique and unparalleled. Although you have advantages and disadvantages, your uniqueness makes you receive great attention and life has value.

  7. Possessiveness: Love is absolutely exclusive and cannot share intimate male and female relationships with others.

Therefore, we need to continue a love with marriage, and meet each other when we are married.

So in true love, it is necessary to promise each other loyalty.

But be wary, too strong possessiveness is bad for love.

It is likely to cause the love that kills you invisibly.

Possessiveness is certainly needed in love, but at the same time you must give your other half a certain space.

In this way, your flower of love can grow forever.

  Eighth, love him (her) more than love oneself: treat the other person’s suffering as their own suffering, or better than their own suffering, because we are willing to sacrifice our own interests for the other party, and we are willing to give wholeheartedly to the other party.